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Looking For A Few Good Mustaches

Looking For A Few Good Mustaches

Want to try something new with your facial hair? Perhaps you’re looking for an excuse to try that Tom Selick look? Do you grow fur like a werewolf and want to use those powers for good?

Rather than a walking event or rally, every November, the good folks at Movember raise awareness for men’s heath issues by encouraging men to grow mustaches. These artistic works of facial hair become ice breakers in the discussion about issues men face–such as prostate cancer–and help raise donations for research.

Each mustache participant starts November 1st clean shaven. As the month goes on, they groom their facial hair to a style of mustache that they see fit, following the guidelines of the contest. They can chart their journey and share their progress (and their donation links) as the month goes on.

It’s not only limited to men. Women can show their support by joining teams. While they won’t grow a mustache, they can bring awareness to men’s health issues in whatever way they see fit–by showing their support for the mustache growers, promoting facial hair growth, etc.

Please, join me and the rest of team #Backchannel as we set out to chance the face of men’s health.

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You never know what might happen when you’re on the #backchannel Movember team. Last year, we got a group of members together for a shave off, and feature it on our news on WXYZ.